Our Story

As a kid growing up in Newhallville, I can remember having lots of things to do and an enormous pool of mentors to guide me along the way, such as; my mom, family, church members and community leaders.

Life in Newhallville had many phases to it. While time, crime and poverty rates took a turn for the worse, it became harder for mentors and programs to find space and time that would give the next generation world-class enrichment experiences and opportunities that I had, had. It was those times that help prepare me handling my weaknesses. Reading, writing, spelling and comprehension were my challenges, but I did not let that stop me from asking for help. My experiences built me up for taking on challenges and succeeding.

After graduating college, I took some time to study the impact of reading, writing and business through the lens of Showbiz in Hollywood, CA. The experience was eye-opening and filled me with so many ideas and possibilities for ensuring that the next generation of Newhallville will have access to opportunities that would render them positive outcomes in life. I am grateful for what God has favored me with and I consider it an honor to serve a community that served me well.


I am Inspired by the Possibilities!

Kim C. Harris,
Founder & Visionary for Inspired Communities Inc.

Our Mission & Purpose

Is to unlock the splendor and vitality of  neighborhoods of need, by adding value and infusing access to opportunities.

Our Vision

is to build an institution in Newhallville called Inspired Communities Inc.  It will inspire ideas, possibilities and neighborhood transformation with and for the community.

Our Goals:

– Create accessible info/communication systems for the neighborhood.
– Develop a sustainable training center that will allow residents to pursue life-long goals so that residents can experience positive life outcomes.
– Grow the Inspired Team with members, educators, partnerships and funders, who will unite with the next new generation of neighborhood innovators.

Our Core Values (INSPIRE!)

Ideas * Possibilities * Community Transformation

Superhero Influencers
Possibility Seekers
Respect for People, Places & Things

Our Future

“Continue to help Newhallville live longer and brighter!”

What Is Our Community Saying?

How Would You Like to Build Community Vitality?

Kindergarten-Prep - Summer (Call 203-787-5087 for details: Preschoolers

(Grades 1st - 5th) New Haven Summer Reading Program:  Explore-Its-Story, Community Vitality Development: (Ages 6-13)

Neighborhood Essentials, Community Vitality Development, Job Readiness Skills: (Ages 14-18)

Job Training, Neighborhood Essentials: (Adults): (Adults)

Neighborhood Essentials: (Families)


Inspired Communities Inc., (ICI) is a Community Vitality Development, Consulting & Training Corporation that helps to enhance neighborhood life through enrichment experiences, community civic engagement, active lifestyle, future readiness and nurturing local in districts of need. ICI was founded in the Newhallville Neighborhood of New Haven, CT in 2019, as a non-profit 501(c)3.

What is Community Vitality Development?

It is the key that will unlock and enable communities of need to have the ability to sustain itself into the future while providing opportunities for our residents to pursue life-long goals so that residents can experience positive life outcomes.


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